Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Conservation of our wetlands found within the villages.

Lolo Malatji
Lephalale local municipality (Ga-Mocheko)

Wetlands serve as the source of drinking water for the wildlife animals and also for the domestic animals.
In some areas around people also depend on wetlands for water to do domestic work.

Even after the importance of our wetlands our community turn a blind eye as they continue to pollute our natural resources by dumping waste inside the wetland.

By the illegal dumping of waste inside the wetlands they disturb the nature of the Environment and also they destroy the life cycle of the living things found within the wetland.

Solution: we need to conduct environmental awareness about the dangers of destroying our natural resources for our future generations .Teach our communities how to conserve our wetlands and also rivers that serve us with water.School awareness where we engage young people to have knowledge about protecting our Environment. Engage with all NGO to take part in the concept of Environmental protection.