Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Disposable diapers promote climate change

Moshabi Selowa
Monametse Village(Atok)
Malengine section

Lack of information still play a role in communities.

Communities are experiencing challenges of disposable diapers which are thrown on the streams, rivers and wetlands. This challenge is experienced affects the entire community as well as livestock and community activist engaged the ward council regarding this issue and in her response she said “can you please draft something to engage with the councillor” for record keeping as she wants to assist us and that will help communities not to through disposable diapers anywhere”

She’s willing to assist us, and she also invited us on a meeting with department of Social Development which is scheduled as follows:

Venue : will be announced soon.
Date :18/11/2012

More consultations needed to arm and prepare for meeting regarding grievance against disposable diapers.