Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Dumping next to Semene river

15 October 2021
GaMogashoa village, Sekhukhune
Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality
By Mmabore Mogashoa


Semene is a river supplying communities of Ward13 and those visiting the area with water. It is the only river that flows all year in ward13 even if the water quantity and quality has changed because of activities that takes place nowadays like mining and dumping. Livestock and people access water from this river. People use road from Tshehlwaneng to the villages as a shortcut. On the 9th October 2021, I looked around the trees and what I saw disappointed me. People dump waste in the river and under the small trees surrounding the river and you can see that they just come there to dump because is not easy to see under the small trees. Baby diapers, plastics and tins were dumped and one can see that someone just came specially to dump there. Baby diapers are mostly used by women, the same people who take care of their families to make sure that they are safe and healthy. But why are baby diapers dumped all over? Especially near rivers and roads? Dogs open the plastics and take the waste everywhere. How do we expect our family members to be healthy while dumping waste like baby diapers? Some people dig holes, throw the diapers and burn them. Diapers have a product used to absorb liquid that makes marble like things after absorbing liquid and this is not healthy to be dissolved in water that we drink.

There are stones(used as chairs) and long trees that make a good shade, people sit under especially if is hot but problem is after drinking or eating they just throw the leftovers and containers next to the river and this waste go into the river. Water from the river flows to other rivers like Tubatse at Steelbridge and this dumping does not only affect ward 13 community but other communities who use water from the rivers in the province and nearby areas