Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Dust that polute our Environment and our health.

Victoria Makgoo
Morapaneng village
Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality
Ward 15
26 October 2021

mining Stone

In Serafa Village to Mashabela Village, they are doing Tar-road and there are truck which are passing to my area, pity those trucks are carrying crushed soil from Telling Dam from Heckney Mine which is under maintenance.

Our health is in danger as near by Community member. The elders, youth, young ones, disabled ones,women and businesses are affected because when they are crushing the soil the dust is directed to our side. In any direction that the wind is blowing,we are directly affecting the dust is there:in the furniture,on clothes,food etc the surrounded areas such as Ditobeleng,Morapaneng and Madifehlane. We can’t do our Daily chores as usual. And the are using that soil on the road.