Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Fierce Local election contest

Kgang Moloko
Phokeng village
Rustenburg Local Municipality
30 October 2021

Election time.

The contest of local elections in the village is fierce and more competitive than ever before and it is evident in all Rustenburg Local Municipality wards.
There are new community based political organizations and an Increase in independent candidates registered with IEC.

One old lady says she will be voting for a party that she knows and provides her with social grant and when engaging with her that it does not provide social grants but Government of national unity and the money comes from tax payers …she insisted that they provide for her and stick to the party she knows.
Another lady says she wants a local party that will know their needs instead of a councillor taking orders somewhere.
A lot of young people want change in the government and feels that the current state of affairs is not benefiting them,there is lack of employment whereas we are in a mining area which recruits mine workers particularly outside our villages and province,they want a local party that will create more opportunities for villagers.
We have some community members young and old who wont be participating in the election,a young lady says she is not going to participate because voting does not benefitting her instead it enriches certain individuals who are voted into power and they do nothing for the community.
A large number of young people have shown interest in these elections and are recruited by local community parties with a promise of a changed municipality and ward benefits after elections.
Almost all candidates are young people in our ward.
It is evident the way campaigns are going that Rustenburg municipality would be different and the local community movements will make an impact in the new council.