Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Illegal waste dumping

30 September 2021
Limpopo province,mokopane
Magongoa zone 2
Mogalakwena Municipality
Pretty Ndaba

People of Magongoa zone 2 are expriencing a serious problem,since 2018 people don’t know where to dump their waste materials, since when there is no specifical place to throw their waste…

They decided to dump their waste in the middle of houses and next to the gate of place of worship…And those who are attending that church are affected, we talking about children, youth and elderly people, they are really not safe…It will be good if our municipality can come back again to our local homes and collect those dirty waste,,people might be sick due to that dumping place…

The only way to protect the environment is by calling a local meeting together with a councilor and address this issues and I believe there will be an alternative way of resolving this whole thing,The councilor will forcefully make it a point that municipality comes back to college dirty waste as they used to do…Especially the issue or problem affects the lives of people…People’s lives should be protected at all cost.