Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Life after coal research

Name: Zamokwakhe Shabalala
Date: 31-10-2021
Place: Dannhouser
Municipality: Dannhouser Municipality
Province: KwaZulu- Natal


The research was conducted at Dannhouser town about life after coal. Dannhouser is a small town that was created after coal was discovered in northern natal in towns like Glencore, Dundee and Newcastle. They say this town was developed for Indian communities who were brought to South Africa from Indian to come and work in an underground mine called Durban Navigation Colliery (Durna Coal).

Coal was extracted to support Newcastle and Madadeni Hospital and other coal was transported by trains to Richards bay and Durban. After Indians came, black people villages were created to accommodate them as they were going to provide labour at the mine also shops were build and entertainment areas many people were employed in No1, No2 and No3, but the research they prove those things have changed many people living in Dannhouser are unemployed their living conditions in quarter houses that were left by mine, are in bad condition sewer is leaking, no water those living close to the abandoned mine most of them are sick with cough problems and silicosis. They said “ we are adapting to the bad smell that comes from the mine dump pile daily and its worse in the morning and evening and in winter times” they continue to say the sport facilities that were left by the mine they are all demolished as people were stealing everything and selling to scrap metals so they have bread on the table .

There are a lot of crime activities happening in area and most of them is to get food even young kids are now Muslims. The research has proved that there is no life after coal and coal mine are not a Development as some may say after mine close people are left on their own to carry the burden left by the mine.