Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Local taverns not adhering to the rules

Christinah Mogobye
Sefikile village Moses Kotane Local Municipality
29- October- 2021

While I was still addressing the issue of tavern owners for not adhering to Covid-19 precautions, we now have a problem of them allowing patrons to enter the tavern carrying weapons. Two men got into a fight that led to death. One is in prison and the other is in the morgue. This might not have happened had they adhered to all the rules. The sad part is that the tavern operated normally as if nothing happened, the family of the deceased was not informed in time, tavern owner did not make any efforts of searching for them and alert them. When patrons fight they are taken outside to kill one another there and that is not fair. It once happened but fortunately no one died but they were both badly injured.

Tavern owners don’t care about the safety of their patrons which are our community members and they benefit a lot from them. While taking a statement from one of the tavern workers, there are things that came into my attention. I realised that weapons are not considered as weapons at that tavern and it’s normal to them. The cops are still investigating the story of the weapons in the tavern and I really hope they deal with this matter harshly. My concern as a community Activist is that this might cause a fight between two tribes.