DATE: 29 October 2021


Tendelele Coal Mine has caused so much damage which ended up took lives of activists that fight for justice .

Tendele Coal Mine is in Mtubatuba KwaZulu Natal(KZN) where it affects the people of Somkhele and Ophondweni and the nearby communities

The community next to Tendele Coal Mine are being forced to relocate as the mine says there is coal underneath their homes. Also as they leave on the fence line of the mine they don’t notify them during the blasting of which the sound of blasting has more impact on young and old people, as some of the residents are shocked as to whether is it an earthquake, bomb or firearms.

I interviewed some of the activist who confirmed that they are leaving in fear since the unknown people who killed their leader is not arrested and the mine is doing as it wish ,meanwhile some of the activists has gone awal trying to save their lives.

The NGO’s and community activists gathered at the late activist home at Ophondweni and marched to the nearby police station to bring the memorandum which demanded the immediate arrest to the killers .They have to be arrested before the end of November 2021 or the case be transferred to the constitutional court as nothing has happened and is already a year since it happened.