Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Stop abusing farm dwellers

Petrus Moshe
Matlosana Municipality

The Catholic Justice and Peace of Klerksdorp has embarked upon massive labor practices around. The project was to check if farm owners adhere to labor practices, basic conditions and health and safety for workers.
The intended project has swifted the specific objective:
The anticipated goal around discussion, only painful stories are mentioned: which versus employment practice.
Our research has indicated that majority of them are being unemployed and are treated badly by the farm owners.
Their previous farm owners whom they used to work for have sold farms to others without consultation hence the present farm dwellers who are not strangers on those farm suffer all forms of exploitation and besides they were born in those areas.
In Palmetfontein, the farm owner denied their deligent right like water suppliance and other essential services of government.
The J and P wish to involve all different stakeholders, and using Benchmarks Monitorial Tool to provide a solution and answers.