Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The street of Middelburg turn into a dumping zone

Name:Gaynor Malepe
Municipality:Steve Tshwete Local Municipality

Middelburg used to be a smart city and
the municipal was the one of the best
municipal in South Africa.
Now it turned into something else since the beginning of several strikes.The strikes highlights the concerns of the workers and the community.These included the removal of the Municipal manager,the introduction of a flatrate and the upgrading of the salaries of the workers to a grade 6.
The Steve Tshwete workers stopped working a month ago.
The delegation from the municipality met with representatives of the striking workers to try and mediate between them and the municipal administration.This was unfortunately not successful and the workers are still on strike.
Due to the ongoing strike,the non-removal of waste have left the town smelling and is not good for our health.
According to solid workers they are still on strike until they get what they want.
Which means now in Middelburg is not only mines who cause air pollution even the non-removal of waste is polluting our air.And”umoya impilo”.