Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Unreliable electricity

Date: 15/10/2021
Name: Ronald mhlakaza Place:Vosman
Munucipality:Emalahleni municipality


Different Organisations (NGO’S) (CBO’S) (NPO’S) and Community members are engaging towards a better change the way forward to Just Transition move away from this Unreliable coal electricity that community of Vosman depends on it and it’s giving the community a lot of problems and disappointment which we cannot rely on, it goes anytime without any notification to the community and it will go for days without the knowledge of the community what is going on and in the office of municipality no one will come and notify the community

Community of Vosman we are always struggling with the electricity if it’s not broken transformers it’s load shading or other story, we stay 1or 2 days without electricity and it’s very sad no one to account for this problems that we are having as the community of Vosman .

The community it’s more affected by this problem firstly community rely on this electricity that it’s been produce by Coal, but now Community understands this Electricity it’s unreliable we have to find ways to a better just affordable change.
To stay days without electricity not be able to cook our electric appliances get damaged, our food get rotten, expensive electricity, everything come to a standstill when there’s no electricity.
To shift from using electricity that has been produce with Coal to Renewable energy that will be reliable, affordable, and having ownership over it and be able to know how much does it cost, our Government should start now to invest in Renewable solar Energy.