Tunatazama - Community Monitors


28 October 2021
Sansloot(Danisani) village
Mogalakwena municipality

There is a big river called Pologe at Sansloot right in the middle of houses,,community is suffering due to that river,because is a permanent river and there is always water that flows from the Anglo Platinum Mine,,The community tried to report this matter to their traditional leaders since 2012 and yet there was no action taken,,Until the community is silenced…Now children pass through that river when going to schools,And you will find animals(Cows,donkeys and goats) drinking water there ,children’s lives are at risk and danger,and the traditional leaders together with the mine they do nothing about this issue,,what they’re looking at,is money,nothing else…They no longer value people’s lives…

Further steps should be taken by the community by reporting the matter to the department of water and sanitation…