Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Abandoned mines become a Warzone

12 November 2021

Ronald Mhlakaza

Vosman, Municipality, Emalahleni , Mpumalanga

Unrehabilitated mines at Emalahleni where people go there to dig coal for home purposes and for selling the coal to the community, it’s now very dangerous for people to go and dig the coal they end up fighting each other over the coal, it’s a danger to their health also especially woman they go there on their own. The mine now its owned by some of the people who mine illegally and they have taken over. No one is allowed to enter that place, they are heavily armed with big guns which were found at the mine by the Police during parade.

All this activities are taking place at Kroomdraai mine at Emalahleni around the community which is a walking distance from the community.

The residents of Emalahleni who stays around the mine are more affected because the criminal activity takes place In front of their eyes and on a daily basis and nothing they can do about it because this people they don’t just fight amongst themselves they also Involve community. The place is not safe as it’s not barricaded.

When they operate at the mine, huge dust goes straight to the community trucks that are transporting coal they are moving day and night making noise which disturbing the community members as they can’t sleep.

We have reported the problem to the municipality and DMRE no one wants to take responsibility for this mess, Solution to this DMRE should close the mine do rehabilitation so that no one will enter that place.