Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Election campaigns and people’s challenges

01 November 2021
GaMogashoa village, Sekhukhune
Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality
By Mmabore Mogashoa


During the election campaigns from different political parties they promised roads, houses, electricity with no load shedding, water for all etc even if they don’t tell us how are they planning to do that, budget and how will they acquire the finances or raise funds. There is no political party that spoke about addressing the challenges that we face nowadays like climate change, pollution, inequality, poverty or closing the gap between rich and poor, building libraries in rural areas and recovering monies that are taken fraudulently etc. This are the root of most of the problems we face and are being taken for granted. Does this means that we are going to vote every 5 years with political parties ignoring this challenges? How will we live? How about the land and heritage? Will life be easy in the coming 10-20 years? When a certain political party build a house for a community member or give food etc they bring cameras to let everyone know, it is a new type of advertising their political party and people are losing humanity for publicity.