Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Harmful and danger posed to the community

Pretty Ndaba
Mogalakwena Municipality
25 November 2021

In 2018 the municipality declared that Tshamahansi, Hlongwane section needs pipes to tansport water on the yards,Workers were busy digging deep the pit where the pipes will take place,The workers started to work 2018 may 29, Since then the project didn’t proceed. Our elderly people tried to raise this issues at the funerals and traditional leaders house during meeting but up to date there is no movement…

This pit is near houses,during rainfall children are affected, coz their parents will be forced to accompany them to the school and also go and collect them after school while it’s raining…people are passing here because it’s a short cut to the nearest houses,but when it’s raining there is no solutions

This should be reported to the municipality again,because kids and adults are affected