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Mine’s blasting dust is killing us

Date: 12/11/2021.
Name: Ronald mhlakaza. Place: Vosman
Municipality: Emalahleni. Province:Mpumalanga.


Mines that are surounding Kwaguqa areas especially Vosman when they regularly blast to extract the coal and all the dust after the blasting it’s moving towards the communities that are near the mine, this area of Emalahleni it’s being polluted by this mines and we are breathing a polluted air. We have to breath regardless of the conditions that we live in we feel that we are not being protected by our Government.

This problem that we are facing as the community of Vosman, the Schoongezight mine oparate as normal and they don’t see any problem in what they are doing.

Community of Kwaguqa and Vosman are more affected by this mine Air pollution that is happening on daily basis ,it’s very sad people are Emotionaly affected, mentally, health wise because they are forced to live under this conditions, and we have Schools nearby and the mine blast during School hours.

The houses turn red or brown due to the dust and shacks become rusty, everything it’s dusty at Emalahleni remember it’s not only the dust and chemicals that they use to blast the dust goes straight to the classrooms while kids are in classrooms.

We address this issue by teaching the community to know that their rights have been Violated and as activists we conduct awarenesses and workshops concerning Environment issues, it is very much important for the community to know that the health issues and Air pollution it’s coused by the mines that are around us.

We are engaging with the municipality concerning this issues and to hold the mines accountable for all this pollution that they cost, something must be done to assist the affected people as we know polluters must pay not only pay but take responsibility as well .