Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Mining closure Violence

Date: 11/10/2021 –

Name: Ronald mhlakaza –

Place: Vosman -Munucipality: Emalahleni municipality –

Province: Mpumalanga –

Topic: # Closing of Coal Mines

As all we know that Emalahleni it’s surrounded by coal mines we have welcomed different people from different province coming to Emalahleni looking for jobs and working at Coal Mines, and we even have people from other neighbouring countries who are also working in this coal mines and people are depending on this coal mines but what we have noticed it’s that most of the people who are working on this coal mines they are not from Emalahleni. Problem of Emalahleni it’s that we are surrounded by old coal mines who were operating for a long time, now one of the biggest coal mine called Kleinkoptjie mine under (Anglo)is closing down and they destroy the old plant and Dragline, sadly we see more small Open cast mines are coming close to our Communities . Community is more affected by the coal mines, children and elderly people are more affected woman and man are affected in different ways . People are sick because of the dust that is coming from the coal mines breathing dirty air, water it’s dirty, even now children are sick with Asmah , resperatory illness, Sinuses, TB, and now people are losing jobs. – -Our Government should start now to push for shift to JT that’s the solution to this problem, this mines should re-skill their workers to be able to do something else except mining because coal it’s done , change is now Just Transition now.