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Sewage spills opposite the school in Thulani Snake-Park

Thokozile Mntambo
Thulani Soweto
City of Johannesburg Region C

It’s been months since a sewer pipe bursted opposite the school ” Obed Mosiane primary ” in Thulani Snake-Park. The sewer bursted when the municipality road construction was installing storm water drainage pipes.

Learners from the primary school have to jump the sewer everyday when they go to school. The sewer has a terrible smell which is a serious problem because it contaminates the environment and can cause serious health issues like diarrhoea.

The sewer spilling has become a serious hot spot around the area , the smell becomes terrible after heavy rains and when it’s hot. The residents have reported the issue to the council , because the sewer carries harmful viruses and bacteria into the environment causing health problem. Which is not good for the learners who have to pass it when they go to school everyday.