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Storm water pipes Installation, Danger to the community

Thokozile Mntambo
Thulani Soweto
City of Johannesburg Region C

In January 2021 the municipality contract started tarring roads to install storm water drainage pipes. They dug deep holes infront of the houses , around school corners and next to the bus stop were people get taxis.

The contract had negligently and wrongfully designed inadequate storm water drainage system at the corners of the roads , which had caused flooding around the neighborhood during heavy rains.

The community is infuriated because it has been a while since the contract started and now we going towards the end of the year but they are not yet finished. The fencing and sign posting they put around the holes has been stolen , which is dangerous because the deep holes are now left open .

They are cases were people have fallen inside the holes at night. The community has reported the matter to the council because the contract has stopped working and people lives are at risk .

The community wants the municipality to inform them before they start with their work . They also want answers about the road work which is not finished and left careless threatening their lives.