Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Unemployed Youth

Victoria Makgoo
Morapaneng village
25 November 2021
Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality

On the 5th of November 2021, residents from the country in Ditwebeleng,Morapaneng,dithabaneng and mantshekane the gardens, parks and dunes will be able to process passports.
Most importantly, the passports of those who have been deprived of the opportunity to go to the cardinals’ training have been called. When the work was well-conducted and relocated, they found three people in total and on top of that they were looking for 18-35 years and those who had evacuated both of them over 35 stopped and said they wanted to relocate the next day.
What a wonderful day this is and how amazing it takes for the brothers and sisters to see.
Corruption is never over, our brothers are looking for jobs and the people are giving their people help and the deprived community.