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(7) Our Notes on the Sekhukhune District Municipality and Mining

Sekhukhune District Profile

  • Location : Sekhukhune Municipal district in south-eastern part of Limpopo and is part of the Limpopo Province
  • Municipalities : The Sekhukhune district is made up of four local municipalities :  Elias Motsoaledi LM, Ephraim Mogale LM, Makhuduthamaga LM and Fetakgomo Tubatse LM.The District is made up of 117 wards with a total of 764 villages.
  • Traditional Leadership: There are 74 traditional leaderships within the district.
  • Population : The District has a total population of 1,19 million, or 20% of the total population in the Limpopo Province.


Mining in Sekhukhune

The disruption of our community by mining is the cause of the many social and community problems we experience . This includes the problem of waste and the failures of the municipality . The poor planning or lack of planning when mines took over our communities resulted in the chaos we are experiencing today

  • Mining is the life blood of the Sekhukhune municipality. 34.5% of all goods and services is related to mining . Over half of the labour force in the municipality is linked to mining.Mining – who benefits
  • There are 27 operational mines with 47 licences issued.
  • According government estimated mining s forecasted to grow fastest at an average of 5.64% annually from R 12.4 billion to R 16.3 billion in 2023.
  • Only a few people have benefitted from Mining jobs and contracts , A large number of people are unemployed and poor . There is extreme inequality in Sekhukhune
  • According to governments reports the The Gini coefficient is 0,58 which is amongst the lowest in the province.
  • Sekhukhune has a very high number of unemployed people . 28.17% of the total number of unemployed people in Limpopo Province live in Sekhukhune,
  • Only about 4 % of the population have higher education. Mines look outside the community for skilled workers.

This information is from

Official Web Page of the Sekhukhune District Municipality:  http://www.sekhukhunedistrict.gov.za/

Sekhukhune District Profile :