Tunatazama - Community Monitors

(1) Where and how our community dumps their waste

We went around our villages and took geo located photos with our cell phones , to show how and where people got rid of their waste . We used these pictures and the map to help us understand what people dumped and how this would affect their health and the environment.

We mapped the pictures to show where people dumped . See our map here

A Community Monitors Investigation into the Waste Crisis in Sekhukhune, October – November 2021

Waste is dumped in backyards of homes

Residents burn waste in backyards and in the bushes

Waste is dumped on riverbanks

Waste is dumped under bridges

Waste is dumped on hills sides 

Waste is dumped in dongas and dry riverbeds

Waste is dumped on roadsides  and paths were people walk

Sacred sites where community rituals are held are polluted with waste

Sekhukhune Residents – Please add your picture to this page, Please send your picture with a short statement : What you see ? Where did you see it ? Who or What is affected ? and How do you feel about dumping waste . Please WhatsApp your pictures to : +27 79 623 5248