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Activists Learn to Create a Garden

Date :08 April 2022
Name: Musawenkosi Dlamini
Place : Empumelelweni
Municipality: Emalahleni
Province: Mpumalanga

We all learn everyday. Learning and developing a skill is the most essential thing one must consider because of the high rise of food in the supermarkets. Learning happens everyday.
I started a garden in my backyard which I will benefit from and save from it. It is not just me only who will benefit from the garden also my neighbors will they also started their own gardens.

In the process of preparing the soil bed I made a decompose with food leftovers I putted the food leftovers in a bucket to rot. When the leftovers have rotten I made rows on the soil bed and put the decompose and covered it with soil and watered it. In the process I discovered that you can also use papers strip ,egg fillers , egg shells and ash to fertilize your soil. I water my soil bed everyday using dish water since water is scarce.
I would like to grow more vegetables in my backyard garden because I found it really easy to maintain it.
I have a challenge in finding enough seedlings for my garden.
I found it really easy to set up a backyard garden because it is easy to maintain , also convenient and having a food garden minimizes the cost of going to buy vegetables in markets.
If education about having gardens in our backyards can be brought to our community I think that can be an eye opener to the commuters and it can also create employment.