Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Are these Pots Safe?

Moshabi Selowa


Place: Monametse village

Municipality: Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality

Province: Limpopo province


Monametse Community affected by Bokoni platinum mine experience high rate of  unemployed population near their closed shaft regarding power supply to Braakfontein shaft. Electrical power line was cut off for scrap seller. The mine did their best to lift wire up.


Aluminium wire is much important to manufacture pots which  create great impact to society and most African women turned to aluminium pots.

The problem is, since the pots are created locally, there is no clear explanation if  they are safe or not. They are sold everywhere but where do the manufactures get the aluminium for those pots? Yes we need employment but if the raw materials are collected illegally and create problems then as community and government we need to stand up.