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Blasting at Coal Mine

Ronald Mhlakaza

Date: 14 April 2022

Name:Place: Vosman

Municipality: Emalahleni

Province: Mpumalanga

Mine that is around our neighbors lacation that is called Clever when they regularly blusting to extract coal all the dust after blusting it’s moving forwards the Community, What we are sure of its that Air is Polluted..house’s are being destroyed and the residents are breathing a polluted air that is why there’s so much high rate of heath issues as far as Air Pollution its concern.

The problem that the Community is facing its taking place near Clewer community at Emalahleni area the  mine it’s not far from the Community.

It happens every week the blusting it takes place every Thursday time 14h00 they will ring a syrine to alert the Community.

Clever community they are most affected because the mine it’s not far from them,other nearby communities are also affected by the air pollution as i stated that the blusting is happening every week.

When they blust to extract the coal after that all the dust goes straight to the direction of the community and the around area it becomes dark for few minutes.

It’s for the mine to be closed down because it was wrong from the first place for the coal mine be situated nearby communities.

To engage with the municipality and DMRE how did they let such thing to take place in our communities , we call for cancellation of  mining permit that has been granted to this coal mines .

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