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Dust pollution – Mine Trucks

 Ronald Mhlakaza

Date: 14 April 2022

Vosman, Emalahleni, Mpumalanga

As we all know after extracting coal the coal should be transported by the trucks to the customers. All the dust that is caused by the trucks go straight to the nearby Community and air pollution caused by the trucks during transporting the coal

This  happens  at Emalahleni at the community called Vosman and nearby communities.

It happened everyday coal it’s transported every day day and night .

Nearby communities are most affected because coal its transported every day by trucks and it’s not only dust that affects them even the noise of the trucks it effects them.

When trucks are transporting the coal all the dust go straight to the communities and it causes  air pollution. The roads are gravel  and not tarrred, The gravel is  not been sprayed with water bowsers,  to reduce the dust.

We demand that the mine  should be closed down because they don’t follow the mining regulations. I mean if they don’t even know how to control dust emissions what other damages are they causing besides this ?

We still as community need to go back to the drawing board how we will approach this situation , because our municipality and DMRE has failed us but we will use other channels to make sure this issue is dealt with.

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