Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Education Is Power

Lolo Malatji



Lephalale local Municipality

Limpopo Province

30 April 2022


On Thursday the 28th of April Nku primary school hosted a program of Spelling bee and Debate at the school.

The commitment and participation was very high starting from foundation phase up to inter senior phase.


Drama was also part of the activities performed , it was an educational platform for learners to  engage  themselves into relationships while they at school.


Participants were  awarded certificates to show them how much we appreciate the effort they make in their studies and encouraging them to study hard, also increase level of competition which will motivate others to work hard/do better


*The programs to be implemented quarterly as school programs run quarterly to encourage learners.

*Engaging others schools so that the competition in different schools where it will empower many young people .