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Bokani Mine Closures lead to Unemployment and a rise in Criminal Activities

Moshabi Selowa

19 April 2022

Moshani Selowa

Monametse village

Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality


The closure of Bokoni platinum mine affected thousands of community members who have been working in the company for decades. Now people are not working and end up committing crime.

Livestock Theft

Earlier this year livestock owners lost ten of their cattle as a result of crime. The cattle was not stolen but choked by electrical power line  from our main power station which is situated at Malomanye village. Power supply goes to Twickenham mine which is under Anglo American platinum mine.Poles are cut off and ten cattle died as a results of power supply to Twickenham mine. Mr. Pilusa Morriet who indicated that two of them were carrying calves(disha) and Mr. Selepe have lost his investment of a  big bull.

Aluminium Pots with lead poisons

Scrap for Cash

Scrap for cash help some families to survive and lead to others losing their lives ( LEHU LA GAGO LEAMPHIDIXA).

The are people who are looking for scraps(e.g. aluminium wire) to make aluminium pots which are different to previous black ones used by our elders (Falkirk, 3 legged pots). The pots are not heavy, easy to wash and are sold everywhere. But the problem is the manufacturing of this pots is costing the people and lead to crime.

They cut down electrical poles to get to the wire.

Aluminium wire is much important to manufacture pots which  are sold at low cost. People in the the community are turning to aluminium pots.

There is no clear explanation if  they are safe or not. Many organisations have reported that these pots  can carry lead poisons into the food. They are sold everywhere but where do the manufactures get the aluminium for those pots? Yes we need employment but if the raw materials are collected illegally and create problems then as community and government we need to stand up

This is a very serious problem because people this kind of crime just  is affecting the community badly.

Government and community need to stand up against illegal business

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