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Water on the way

08 April 2022
Musawenkosi Dlamini

Water on the way

The project initially started late last year were there was digging and putting of pipes, which was fast though even the was uncertainties that the project will be finished.

Empumelelweni community has been there for years but the development is slow, the community has been struggling for years to get water. Water was either fetched at the isiyalo, bought from the water tanks, hiring a van and paying someone to get water for you which is costly for some other community members. Water is essential for everyone we use water everyday.

Now that they have erected the taps and water coming out on the taps it eased the community members because now they don’t have to fetch water far unless water is not coming out maybe due to some technical issues.

They will now use water without paying someone to fetch the water for them, but they will pay the municipality it also their responsibility to use the water good by saving the water taking responsibility of fixing leaking taps doing the basic of saving water.

Having access to water made the community members to be happy as they are waiting to sign the happy letters.