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Community consultation

Mokwena Evah

Community consultation




A construction by the name Jibilika construction and projects wanted to fix potholes without doing community consultation by the contractor and the  ward councillor


This happened at Vosman in the morning of the 11th of May whereby the community members decoded to stop the workers from Jibilika telling them to leave or call the owner of the contractor


This was done sothat justice be served to the community of vosman as they needed explanation for how was he chosen to the do the job and why he came with his people’s meanwhile Vosman have so many unemployed people’s.


The councillor and the contractor came and apologized and employed four community members immediately.

The job was stopped for more than two hours but resumed again after the employment of the four community members.


There’s a saying that say you don’t enter somebody’s house without knocking that is exactly what was done by the contractor


The communities to be recognised everytime and to be included in decision making for this is for them

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