Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community meeting at Maapea shop

Victoria Makgoo

On 20 April 2022 the communities of Morapaneng, Dikgopheng, Leswanyaneng and Dithabaneng held the meeting at Maapea shop to resolve this three issues:
1.Shortage of water
2. Old water pumping machine
3.Toilet Contractor

*Water issue
It has been two months and not all communities get water. There are 2 water pumping machines(new one and the old one) that are used simultaneously so that all the villages can have water but now only one machine(new) is used to pump water. It is not fair for other communities to get water while others don’t because water is a basic everyday need.

*Water pumber
The person who pumps water from the old machine told the community that the machine is broken. He said that he went to the municipality to report and they told him that they are still making order for parts to fix the machine.

* Toilet contractor
There is a project of building toilets in the community and the community stopped the contractor to work until they resolve water issue because his job involve community water. The community managed to call the water management on Twickenham mine to come and resolve the issue of water. Unfortunately the water management did not show up at the meeting. The contractor send his supervisor to be his ears and the community was angry to hear that. They where looking forward to meet the contractor so he can explain to them how could he work in the community knowing that they have water issues.

The community agreed to meet with the Toilet contractor on 21 April 2022 so he can explain to them.