Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Councillor must go

Phindile Ngobeni


Name: Terrence Ngobeni

Village: ikemeleng

Municipality: Rustenburg

Province: North West

Date: 28May2022






Is more than 15 years talking about dumping side.but no solutions



On the 20 may 2022 in ikemeleng.i was revisiting our dumping side checking how first is growing in number. I find out that are still growing in number and bigger place. On the dumping side on clinic road while was taking pictures.one man by the name Kabelo who group up in ikemeleng he asked me questions about pictures I’m taking.


First question

What the pictures I’m taking will bring different about this dumping side is affecting him and other people staying near it.?


I answered by saying picture and the complain we can use as an prove what what we faced in ikemeleng.


Second question


Who is responsible for this dumping?


I answered by saying community members, Ward councillor and our local municipality government


He said but is been long he was reading articles from benchmark foundation who was wrote with some monitors including you mother he “said ” to me. I agree with him and also explain that voice of all community is power.but voice of the writer alone can win. I said us monitors our part is to take picture, write what we see and what you community said when we interviewed you. We don’t write what we see alone.we also write what community said.


I told him it will be important if he can be part of the interview I will be doing soon.and explain how he got affected and what infection can take place to their health.he agreed to be part.he also said that this dumping side cause fight between him and people are throwing things in the place.but now he is tired he is no longer talking.

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