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Discard coal

Zama Mabila


Dicard coal




Searching for job without success led some people to do jobs they never thought they can do.


Witbank is well-known as a place of coal which come to most people as a place where every one can get jobs without suffering.


After children’s and people’s finished matric and colleges , universities they relocate to the place of coal in search of greener pastures and once they fail they turn into hobbos and sometimes became criminals.


This affects everyone staying in Witbank cause those that sell coal they sell coal that is not clean  the smoke is very dangerous to the children’s and old people’s as they are not washed after extraction.


The law enforcement has to enforce the law by arresting everyone that is selling illegal coal . They need to know that coal is a killer and is not good for the livelihood of humanity.


The mines also have to make sure that there’s no entry into the mine though they are our neighbors for we staying at the fenceline