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follow up on the story 2

Ronald Mhlakaza

follow up on the story 2


The Community is having problem of the Trucks that are transporting the coal are causing dust because the dusty road is not been poured with water by water bowser as supposed to be.


I have managed to talk to the Supervisor of the mine Mr Sipho Zwane, he said the problem is with the Owner of the Water bowser as the mine Supervisor they instruct the drivers of the Water bowser what to do but only to find out they are not doing what they have been told to do.


The owner of the Water bowser wants to use one Water bowser in 3 different places, that is the cause of the problem, but he will fix this problem.


He is happy that as community we have come forward about this, because the challenge they don’t own this Earth Moving machines , but he promised to call all the owner of this machines to a meeting and solve this problem.