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Follow up on the story

Ronald Mhlakaza

Follow up on the story


Problem that we are having as close Communities to this mine when they are blasting, we find ourselves have to live with the negative impacts that caused by the mine.


I have managed to have a short discussion with one of the Safety Officer of the mine Mr Pondzole, on the 25 May 2022 he said they are aware of the problem but it’s difficult for them to solve the problem because they can’t control the dust after blasting.


But he said he will talk to his Superiors about this issue maybe they will come up with a solution to this problem, he thinks that the is nothing much they can do now because the mine its already operating and the mine was not supposed to be there from the first place, because the mine it’s close to the communities.


He said the solution to this problem its either the mine closed down or the Community of Clewer they relocate them to other place.