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Iron holding house

Zama Mabila


Iron holding house




After the house of Mr Sono got cracks from the blasting ,he decided to come with plan B to make sure his house becomes unshakable.


This happened as a results of the mines blasting everyday at Vosman and no one is compensating them for the damage done.


Everytime blasting takes place many houses catch cracks which led the houses into falling whereby most people are unemployed and staying in the shacks and RDP houses.


This becomes a burden to the unemployed owners as they won’t be able to fix it .Many people are the old one’s that depends on the pension and children’s grant.


Mr Sono came up with a plan to cover his house with steel iron bars all around the house to prevent it from falling during the time of blasting.


The municipality to barge in as no one is able to reach up to the mine as there are people safe guarding the mine entrance.