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Local schools friendly games

Lolo Malatji

Name:Lolo Malatji

Lephalale local Municipality

Limpopo Province



On Wednesday the 11th of May 2022 Nku Primary School visited Mohlasedi School for sports activity performance which included girls Netball, Soccer, traditional dance and Chess.

On the day activities there were two groups per activity that consists of group A and B.

With Netball group B, Mohlasedi school won against Nku school but with group A Nku school was the winner against Mohlasedi. Soccer Nku school for both group A and B of Mohlasedi school. Chess Nku school won both groups of A and B of Mohlasedi school.

With dancing activity both schools did their outstanding performance.

It was really a good exposure for the learners after 2 years of not having sports activities due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Learners made a good interaction with other learners from a different school. The spirit of competition was very high and the learners trying to be on both teams of the schools.

Sports activities are a good initiative as it keeps children’s from many negative things such as Drugs , substance abuse and Teenage pregnancy.

Sports turns to be good entertainment to many people as it keep their mind out of negative thoughts like Stress.

People will be fit as a result of engaging in sports activities.

Government should invest in build sports facilities in schools and also promoting Indigenous sports in all schools especially rural areas , some kids could excell in them and continue as their hobbies for the future.