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Malaria Awareness Campaign

Lolo Malatji


Lolo Malatji

Lephalale local Municipality

Limpopo Province


#MalariaCampaignByLocal Hospital

Health department initiated a malaria campaign around schools where they visited different schools around to teach learners about Malaria.

On the presentation they taught the learners about signs and symptoms of Malaria,the ways that spread Malaria and also the preventive measures which can be used to help to protect themselves from the disease.They indicate that traveling around different counties is also super spread of this disease.

They advise the learners that it is very important to visit any health facility if one experienced any of those signs.

They also guide the learners about the different ways to use to protect themselves from the mosquitoes bites.The use of doom, mosquito coin, mosquito net, mosquito electrical plug and also the safe way to use this products.

After the presentation learners were given a chance to ask questions about what they have learned. The presenter also asked questions see if what was presented was understood.

The initiative was of importance to the people as we approaching winter season which will help people to be on the lookout about Malaria.

Women and children survived mosquitoes by the use of mosquitoe repilent products and sleeping net ,

avoiding to keep water in an open container at night in the house because mosquitoes are active in wet areas , also wearing long sleeves pjamas during the night and applying protective creams as a way of protection from the bites.

Protective measures:

Initiating fumigating projects that will run through out the communities going house to house.

Quarterly Malaria awareness with the communities through traditional authorities(kgoro), youth center where the Department of health will be engaging with the community.