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Mountain of Garbage

Given Zulu

This is a story about lack of Service Delivery because our neighbourhood is being consumed by Waste and illegal dumping sites rooming every corner.

The weekly collection only happens once in a while this will result to a merging of illegal dumping sites and worse those illegal dumping sites poses danger to children and to the Environment entirely and because everything is dump there from dead dog caucus to chemicals and usually the Waste ends up getting burned which contribute to climate change and the municipality dumping sites is full to capacity and even if the Municipality tries to clean up, they can’t dump it anywhere because of the capacity issue.

This is why Khuthala Environmental Care Group has come up with a Zero Waste Revolution program, the aim is to mitigate the bad neighbour of which is Waste. This plan Khuthala has come up with, is in collaboration with South African Waste Pickers Association and the plan aims to mitigate waste with the separation at source Program.

The separation at source program will also help the informal sector of Waste Pickers to minimize their products and also help the Municipality with minimizing the Waste going through to the Municipality dumping site.