Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Our Future Is Doomed “New Generation

Mampusetseng Mokotsi

The leaders of tomorrow are destroying their future every week , every weekend there’s a complain in our ward 10 , Robbery and housebreaking is a big issue…this young kids steal everything items like pots, zincs, clothes and sell them very cheaply if you leave items like Dustbins, braai stands, stainless steal material and other items that they can sell them to scrap yard. Car parts, vaccum cleaner machines ,cell phones are also items that these young thugs are stealing and selling more often to get quick money. This can lead them to jail for 4 years but if you have all the receipts and packaging.

Everyone is affected especially women in the community. It iss difficult to sleep at night because people are fearing that their belongings might be stolen or and in the process be harmed by thugs.

We’ve organized ourselves and called our ward committee to take this issues into up by making sure that this kids they see social workers , psychologists or they must go to rehabilitation centers.

Because we beat them almost every weekend…we don’t see any progress, so that is why I think they need professional help.

It is the responsibility of Government to step in and do something because they can see that Drugs is a burning issue in South Africa as whole they must call the soldiers again or police must stop and search on everyone who’s carrying weapons and drugs to school or everyone who’s standing in corners it will be better this way let’s stand together and fight for our bright future…