Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Our Land Our Pride

Sbusiso Zwane

Community around Majuba District were in the Office of Departments of Land Affairs, having a Meeting with Provincial Officials. The purpose of the to gather there was they want to get more Information about their Land claims which they applied to, since from 10 up 20 years back they never heard any respond back about it. And also reporting problems which are being not solved by Majuba District Officials of Departments of Land Affairs. Concerned issues of Water and Electricity around the Area, WHICH IS A BASIC Right to all.

The Farm dwellers are experiencing the very same problem. And many of their grievances which were mostly unique as per farm dwellers. As off on the, one of the young woman who happen to own Life Stock of Goat and Cows, she was being bullied and threatened by her farm owner, who usually negatively encourage her to sell all of her life stock, if she doesn’t do that He will sell them by himself and sadly that fight ended up involving the Law, at the end of the day, the young lady was wrongly arrested.

As they are attending this Meeting, the issues of Land claims are not clear understandable, where there claims stands or how long the process will drag. Worse the Department has lost all Documents which farm dwellers used to apply with, to request the Government to buy them a Farm, miss leading farm dwellers on how much the Land is costing of which is the Land that they will buy from the farmers

Handing out a Memorandum which was stating how they wish to have solutions from the problem they are facing as Farm dwellers.