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People of Ward 129 in Snake park living in the dark

Buyi Gasa

Since 2020 a smaller portion of Ward 129 block 1 at Snake park has been one of the areas that have been affected by power outages due to a transformer that has exploded, because of some illegal connection on the transformer. The community of block 1 tried to talk with the councillor and Eskom, but they failed till today


I spoke with a woman who is affected, her name is Lindiwe. She said that this issue has made her and her family struggle a lot because she’s not working, and her husband works a temporary job. They must buy a litre of paraffin, which cost R16 rand a day. She roughly uses 5 litres, she must cook, boil water for bathing, and wash dishes. She only depends on the social grant for 2 kids. They tried so many times to talk with the councilor, but the response they found is that they don’t buy electricity and the illegal connection on the transformer.