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Poor road maintenance at Tshehlwaneng

Julian Tsoka

People experience a huge problem on the road passes through Magnetheights complex at Tshehlwaneng, Magnetheights. The shopping centre is at the Tjunction to GaMasha, Janefurse and Schonoord. All the cars, busses, trucks, tractors and people pass here. There are potholes and this cause lot of traffic and damage to vehicles.

There is a supermarket, salon, fast food outlets, banks, clothing, furniture stores that people from Schonoord, GaMasha, Ward 12 and 13 buy from. People from the villages walk to the store using the same road especially women, learners and children. Women are the ones mostly shopping at this road is risky. Taxis also park next to the complex to collect people or stop for those who are coming from the mentioned places to buy at this complex. If the road is not fixed, there will be accidents as people cross the road while cars are passing. There is a hump on the road to schonoord but because it was made with soil it is also not safe. It is not visible at night.

When it is raining it is a disaster. We don’t know who is responsible for that road. Only people who are called ‘nyaope boys’ put sand inside the potholes and ask for money from anyone pasess the road. The parking area inside the complex is too small, other cars park outside the complex and there are people selling next to the road and complex.

The trucks that deliver stock at the supermarket sometimes park along the way and vehicles should use one lane and sometimes accidents happen. There is no robot or anyone controlling the traffic.

Another complex opened this year opposite Makgane Higher primary few minutes away from the Magnet heights complex. They started by fixing the roads before they open the complex to control the traffic and created alot of space for parking and delivery trucks.

We do really appreciate such developments in our society, what we are ask for is to have acces to all roads anytime without potholes and full of soil/mud. Our leaders must do their job, not for us for the society.

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