Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Phindile Ngobeni

Jan skosana

Marikana North West

Rustenburg Bojanala

26 May 2022


#  Recycling


Working in community as  monitor made me to learn and understand how women faced in this country or community.


On the 20 may 2022. I was at clinic sitting with one woman and we end up having conversation about the challenges of this days. She was telling me that she is come to collect TB treatment and after she must go to collect plastic bottles,she need to buy school uniform for winter for two children.she was emotional when she was explaining to me that she is sick.but she can’t sleep because,she is a father and a mother at sometime. She also said TB treatment need food because the tablets are heavy so it needs food.


She was having tears in her eyes when she tell me about four weeks back story that happened for them after working More hours trying to make more bottles so that they can get better money after selling.


The lady said. She was working with five women and after they collect bottles they call buyer to come and buy. The painful part is. That men after saw many bottles he said.he can’t able to pay cash,he can only transfer money to one of them and they agreed. He load all materials and immediately he finished.he asked for account number. He transferred R 10.000 and he drive back to Pretoria. Within 20 to 30 minutes he revised the money back to him. The lady said because of stressed she became more sick.she said.she was not eating for two days. She said even stroke attack her. But she got help from someone.