Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Road problem in our Area

Bonginkosi Sibeko

Around Ermelo we usually experiencing heavy rains and when it’s raining the Truck Drivers are facing a problem to transport and deliver goods that goes to the Local Shops properly and heavy Trucks that take Waste got stuck. Some Students do trip and fall when they go to School. Other parts of the Road are posing danger for motorists because of its conditions which may turn in to a life lose. Potholes are badly damaging Cars that transporting Pupils to Primary Schools and to Crèches.

Having a poor road system makes it more difficult for children to go to school and more expensive for farmers to bring their produce to the market. Bad roads adversely affect people in countless other ways and thus it makes people poorer and leading to lower quality of works and that will lead to higher costs.

Repairing roads make a powerful impact on people’s lives in the rural areas. Many of our small towns are poor and young people are now being driven to go to large cities to find better jobs to improve their lives.

Additionally, roads development improve Locals Socially and bring Economical changes in the lives of the people on nearby Provinces, in terms of providing connectivity between people and places, thus helps in reducing the Poverty as long as direct market access to the Rural Producers. It is a fact that if roads in an area are well-developed and properly maintained, travel times are reduced and access to Local markets, Work places, Educational Institutions and Medical and Health services are increased.