Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Safe water

Phindile Ngobeni



Tebogo Dikale

Province North West

District Bojanala

Rustenburg Municipality

Village Phokeng

27 May 2022


*Safe Water??️


*Impala Platinum Mine

*Glencore Mining

*Royal Bafokeng Platinum Mine

*Ilita Mining

*Sibanye Platinum Mining

*Department of Mineral Resource and Energy

*Water Affairs & Sanitation


*Environment department

*Agricultura Sector

*Water Supply (Boskopies/Magalies Water)


-Mining Entities play a role of Water Supply around the area of Rustenburg Municipality due to one of commitment from (DMRE) Licencing

-In recent years Rustenburg Municipality has find itself running shortage of Water due to numbers of issues


*Over Population



*Lack of compliance from Mining Sector

*High Billing

*Health Wellness

*Water Leakage from taps

*Natural Water (Rain_river flow)


-All of these entities  mentioned above play a role amongst each other:

*Municipality has a program of Safe Water

*Mine pollutes water due to high chemicals around the area

*Lack of Compliance from mining and gets to affect the Environment (area)

*Health issues surrounding communities i.e lack of clean water

*Communities wants to venture into Agriculture for business opportunities an Soil play a role

*Environment has career in its department of which water supply  also provides that in its department

*High Billing i.e Labour

Leakage of taps, pipes

Over population

Water Scarcity as country

*Boskopies/Magalies Water


-Over population

-High billing

Pollution of water due to lack of compliance from Mining

-Fresh Water (Rain) through rivers to Boskopies Suppl,, you find out the water already is conterminated of chemicals as mining uses high technologies that carries high chemicals

*Career in Boskopies i.e safe water

-How to reuse water

-The importance of fresh fish in agriculture

-Learning on how to safe water

-Importance of clean water environment i.e dumping areas affects clean water via river flow to Boskopies Water Supply an also affect the entity to buy expensive chemicals to clean water


Safe Water??️