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Sewer Leakages and illegal dump

Evah mokwena


Sewer Leakages and illegal dump




Because of unemployment people end up collecting can and cables including electrical appliances to sell in the scrap yards.


This is happening in Vosman as the place is full of mine operations but so difficult to get jobs.


People come from all over the country’s searching for job opportunities and after failing they throw themselves into drugs that’s leading them to collect in illegal dump even though the dumps in Vosman is mixed with sewer that flows to mos


Not only the old go to the dumps but even children’s went and play even took stuff that have been dumped home. That becomes a burden not onlu to the children’s but to the parents especially women who look after the children once they get sicknesses from the dumps.


The playing ground for the children’s was taken by the arrival of the mine next to the communities so they can nolonger play there so they opted to play in the illegal dumps.


Parents have to reach the children’s about the danger of playing in illegal dumping and alway be alert that they don’t go to the dumps.