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Shack dwellers who live on wetlands

nobulawo Sitshaluza

In Snake park community, shack dwellers have been living in wetlands for over 20 years. These people have been RDP subsided and some of them have been moved from the area because it’s a dolomite area. Last year the department of housing promised that their houses are ready, and they will be soon moved to their RDP houses, but they are still waiting for their houses.


I spoke to this lady who wanted to remain anonymous” We face many challenges as we are living here”. Their environment is not safe and especially the dust from the tailing affects us the most since we live next to it.  The yard is wet, and you will find the water coming out from the ground in the house, we have tried many ways to block the water, but it still cracks our floor. Children get sick easily suffering from the cold it is hard for them to wake up early in the morning and bath to go to school because you will find the floor freezing with ice all over the house, and as the result they start coughing It gets freezing. Most of us are suffering from asthma and bronchitis, especially during winter time. Fortunately for her, her partner started working, therefore she moved and sold her shack at the beginning of this year.


The government must consider the poor and give them their promised homes. People are suffering.