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Terrestrials rains floods

Thembeka Ngobeni

Date : 28/05/2022
Name: Ngobeni Thembeka
Place :Kamaqhekeza
Municipality; Nkomazi Local Municipality
Province: Mpumalanga

Terrestrial rain flooding roads


Terrestrial rain flooded road in Block B in Nkomazi

This happened in Block B next to Lambalati Secondary during the day at about 12h30 in a road leading from Block C to Tonga and the cars are experiencing difficulties in driving as one got stuck and this is due to the runaway water passing on the road from the other side of the road

This affects everyone who stays next to the road and learners will have to pass as most of them stay on the other side of the road open as it was about to be school and there is a shop where residents have to pass and buy groceries. Cars are spilling water as the drive to and from.

This water have to be controlled and a low water bridge be constructed to ensure water does not affect on comming traffic as this road is very busy. Commuters also had to pass the road freely because they might be washed away if the rain had to continue for the whole day

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